Monday, May 12, 2014

Ghosts and spirits: Part 8.

I am thinking with the minds of all.

" I am thinking with the minds of all, 
I am dreaming through all dreams, I am feeling through all feelings.   
The flowers of joy blooming on all heart-tracts are mine. "
-Paramanhansa Yogananda
"Metaphysical Meditations"

(Image source unknown)

Friday, May 9, 2014

Updates here are so long overdue!   Things have been so busy (in a good way) so far in 2014, I've been working so fast I barely I have the energy to share what I've been up to.   These days the instant gratification and wordless format of instagram (@lisesilva) is most appealing to me.  

One MAJOR update in 2014 that I failed to mention here is the creation of MY WEBSITE.  Yay!  Something I quietly scratched away at for so long finally came into fruition... Please take a peek. Its a nice little summary of my current work and style and I am updating/adding to it regularly.  Sooo looking forward to finally filling out the illustration section soon as I have been focusing on photos these past two years.

Second, and in conjunction with the first update, I also launched an ecommerce shop on my site.  I still maintain my etsy shop CELLARDOORSEQUINS but that space will evolve to be just for vintage, while my ecommerce shop will be mainly for art.  You can have a look at MY NEW SHOP here.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Birthday Zodiac.

 So much to catch you up on here... I think instagram has become my blog replacement as I read and post there so often I forget to update this virtual space as well.  I quickly wanted to share a few images of my zodiac themed painting photo collage series published in Panda Head Newsletter, an online newsletter blog that features themed work by artists, writers and photographers.  Curated by my Washington DC pal Morgan Hungerford West, the newsletter is an off shoot of her site Panda Head, and mails to your inbox on the first Monday of each month.  Its free!  Do check it out.
I shot this series photos of my friend Leah and collaged them together with my watercolor paintings  and my handwritten descriptions of each sign.  Find your sign HERE:

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

2013 in Print.

I'm in total disbelief that 2013 is over. So many changes, so much accomplished, so much left to do, so so many things still hanging in the balance, some joys and some disappointments too. I heard recently happiness defined as "divine discontent"... joy with just enough discontent with the status quo to keep you striving for an elusive something. I guess total bliss 'round the clock would be dullsville without a little challenge or some goal yet to be accomplished.

 I've been wanting to make prints of past work for a while now, finally checking that tiny goal off the list.  Its always trickier, pricier, and more time consuming than you think to get super quality prints of originals -- at least, for a critical eye like mine.  I've had this one in the works for a while and finally hit the sweet spot with price and quality and I'm super happy with the results! But I didn't expect it to inspire so much major reflection remembering the amazing dolls I've worked with this past year and seeing my idea and techniques and preoccupations evolve.   I've added three different mini print sets to the shop, contact me if you would like to buy any one individual print in a 4 x 6 vintage frame... I also ship globally.  Unfortunately it was sunset when took these above/below photos and the prints appear a bit bleached out when I tried to lighten the picture, but in real life the prints are bright, saturated colorscapes and look more as they appear in the original blog posts (second set of links below).

See the mini print listings here:  

Dreams from the Psychedelic Dollhouse

Each sequence tells a story... See the original postings with context and captions here: 

Cosmic,  Stardust,  Dreams.  

Monday, December 2, 2013

CellardoorSequins Fall // Winter 2013 shop stock !


Listed lots of fall and winter gems for you in the shop... here is a small sampling! Vintage earrings and capes and suede shoes galore.... One of my favorite collections was my vintage astrology earring set I pieced together during my time in Brazil. They are 60s era deadstock astrology symbols. The other fun shop edition is the 60s 80s era collection of clothes that belonged to a friend of the family named Fern. Fern loved capes and the color lavender. I've listed some of her fun winter/fall items, but its really only a fraction of her wonderful wardrobe... ((Expect a lot more to come in Spring / Summer months)).

Shop CellardoorSequins here:





Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Scorpio's Veil.

Sick in bed this past week with an evil bug... complete with fiery red eyes and ringing ears.  All I can manage to do is drink ginger tea and occasionally edit photos.  

Created these dark scorpio season colorscape photos projecting paintings on my muse Leah, draped in a sheer 60s peignoir (with the best label "hollywood") and 70s era silver snake belt.  Will be selling the pair of vintage art deco style clip on earrings she's wearing in my etsy shop as soon as I discover where I tucked those away...


Friday, November 8, 2013

Los Gitanos Vintage Tour.


This magical creature is Tara Papanicolas , owner of Los Gitanos Vintage in Washington, DC. Los Gitanos Vintage is an oasis for me- a beautifully curated collection of vintage clothes and accessories. Shortly after she opened the shop, I was asked to shoot photos of her for DeNada's Closely Knit series. Walking into that magical ambiance of ghostly victorian dresses, glass boxes of jewels, porcelain dolls, and antique furniture, I was immediately in love. That same day, we started talking about fun projects and not long after I designed the Los Gitanos logo, made a sultry shop sign scrawling "Los Gitanos" in lipstick on a mirror facing the entrance, and created a bit mural painting on one wall (behind her in the photo above).

Tara is so dear to my heart, finding her shop was completely kismet. I can't tell you how much Washington DC needs a space like Los Gitanos and a woman like Tara in the creative community. She is such a creative and genuine person, its inspiring to see the dedication she has invested in her vision. I remember noticing immediately how thoughtfully it was curated, how personal and special the space felt. It only just begun to attract the attention it deserves. I was shocked to recently discover that Tara was suddenly diagnosed with a rare uterine cancer and needs extensive radiation treatment. Thankfully, friends have started Tara's Fund to contribute to her medical costs. The generosity of friends and strangers alike as brought her to nearly the half way point of the full cost $21,600 USD. Ever dollar means so much, to support Tara in her fight against cancer, click the Tara's Fund link and buy magical garments from Los Gitanos:  

Location: Blue's Hard Goods
 1803a 14th St NW
 Washington DC 20009



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