Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cats of the Stars.

Lennon and cat!

Twain and cat!
McCartney and cat!
Zappa and cat!
Moon and cat!
Brando and cat!
Corlione and cat!
Kim Novak and cat!
Joan Collins and cat!
Imogene Coca and cat!
Travolta and cat!

Dreamboat Davy Jones and cat!

Liz and Kitten!
Capote and Cat

Kitt as Cat!
Connery and cat!
James Mason and cat!
Clark Gable and cat!
Paulina and cat!
Kelsey Grammar and cats?
Fonda and cat!
Bardot and cat!
Steven Martin and cat in hat!
Georgio Armani and poofy cat!
Nina Simone and cat!
Bewitched cat!

piece de resistance?...

 Basquiat and cat!

 There's a website merging two of my fav things: John Lennon and cats.  Thanks to walking cat-lady cliche Aunt Mimi--John's bitter, single older aunt who primarily raised him from childhood-- John developed a love of cats from a young age.  He had said that his house isn't his home until cats take up residence there.  From Liverpool to London to NYC, John had resident cats at each place he moved.

John's cat drawings.

John and Yoko at Tittenhurst


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