Friday, July 9, 2010

Art: Aquirax Uno.

Aquirax Uno is best known for his 1950s-1970s work, but it seems is hardly known at all outside of Japan, given the measly Wikipedia article and (english language) google search results.  Wikipedia says,

"Aquirax Uno, also known as Akira Uno (宇野 亜喜良 Uno Akira?, born March 131934) is a Japanese graphic artistillustrator and painter. His work is characterized by fantastic visuals, capricious and sensuous line flow, flamboyant (and occasionally grotesqueeroticism, and frequent use of collage and bright colors. Uno was prominently involved with the Japanese underground art of 1960es-1970es, and is particularly notable for his collaborations with Shuji Terayama and his experimental theater Tenjo Sajiki."

And the official webstore (with cool totes and tshirts) all in japanese is now defunct all of the sudden.  But here are the best images I scrounged up.  Psychedelic meanderings of dolls and femme fatales intertwined with life and death.

Uno has a highly sought after book of his best known works called Aquirax Uno Posters: 1959-1975.  Poetic Anthropologie reviewed the book:
"UNO AQUIRAX BOOK: “Aquirax Uno Posters 1959 – 1975” (Blues Interaction) (Dust Jacket, Hard Cover, obi and pages are Mint). Fabulous eye-filling beautiful retrospective book on the poster art of Aquirax Uno, who made many of Terayama Shuji's Tenjosajiki prints, designed posters for the Stones and Pink Floyd when the hit Japan, etc. 80 pages, each one of them depicting a high grade reproduction of Uno's art, complete with detailed info on each piece. Uno7s posters are these days heavily sought after by a small group of Japanese psychedelic art collectors (esp some heavy NY collectors) and a small legion of domestic fans. Originals fetch high sums these days and have only survived in small numbers since his editions were originally printed in runs of 30 and 50 copies. This book collects some of his early and late sixties eye-popping art, psychedelic Japan fuses with pop art. Just stunningly beautiful. Highest recommendation. Out of print. Price: 75 Dollars"

(above prints are scans from the book)

His drawings and posters seem to range from psychedelic prints to victorian-like Alice in Wonderland drawings with a creepier edge:


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