Saturday, July 31, 2010

Art: Megan Whitmarsh

I love seeing Megan Whitmarsh little neon, stitched worlds of wookies/yetis and hip hop and elves and geometric designs.  Her work mainly consists of painstakingly tiny, stitched pieces (many 4' x 4' or 5'x 7') adorned with kitchy childhood characters that have been lodged in the back our collective pop culture memories.   Breakdancing Yetis mingle with Darth Vader, colorfully dressed kids dance around mushrooms, caped figures explore lands of ice and mushrooms,  elves pal around with King Kong, the band Kiss mingles among icebergs with the cast of star wars, and a Yeti is often seen partying to Kiss or simply rocking out with his guitar solo.  Consequently, moonboots, boomboxes, gold chains, keyboards, capes, lightsabers, guitars, and red plastic cups are prominately featured.    Her work is nostalgic and imaginative, like a kid's daydreams that combine all the characters he/she  loves from movies and TV, meshing them all together in a world where they have adventures, combine their mythical powers, and rock out.  Check out her tiny industries site for more and this interview to read about her characters and process.

My favorite, "Yeti and Franz Kline":


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