Sunday, July 11, 2010

Your hairdo.

I love vintage beauty and fashion guides.  This little gem, Your Hairdo, was picked up at a vintage resale shop called the 'Unique Thrift Store' (which has since gone out of business) in Indianapolis for 30 cents (conspicuously noted on the cover) when I was 16-ish.  It was published by scholastic book services in 1966.  And just for curiosity's sake I checked Amazon to see if any copies are circulating, and found two sold by independent vendors starting around $30.

The illustrations in this book have been a big influence on my drawing.  There aren't many in the book but the little ink drawings of hairstyles and very 60s chic silhouettes are done so simply with missing pieces.  I still page through it from time to time. 

These hair remedies for facial imperfections are classic (hmm, having a 'small chin' is a beauty problem?)

I'm so sad that the best website for vintage hair styles was hacked a couple years ago.  They had step by step, authentically 1940s instructions for making a page boy, setting pin curls, etc. with vintage instructional photos and drawings for curler placement. Wish I had copy and pasted that stuff.


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