Thursday, September 9, 2010

Reading, Watching, Listening

 Positively 4th Street: The lives and Times of Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, Mimi Baez Fariña, and Richard Fariña
by David Hadju.

As much as I like reading the Dylan-Baez bits, after reading this bio I became far more interested and hooked on the Farinas.  Richard Farina was never one who told a story straight, it was hard to shake him down for facts.  Recounting a story about how he arrived at the grocery store or what his childhood was like inevitably detoured into a tale of magical realism.  He was devoted to trying to make it as a writer and musician, and he and Mimi had a couple critically acclaimed records as a music duo.  His short life played out like a novel and the irony and mystery of his death stuck with me after I finished the book. I would even recommend this biography to someone who isn't so into folk music as the people, the era, and the storylines are so compelling. I hadn't heard Mimi and Richard's music before I read the book, and I completely fell in love their rhythmn-driven beat-poet folk.  And as very ameteur auto-harpist with a soft spot for zithers, I loved that he was strumming away at a dulcimer.

Flowery psychedelic states of bliss and rebels with secret joys.

The Pretty Things:

Donovan: The best of...

The Beatles: Psychedelic 60s incarnation

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Vivian Girls

Os Mutantes


I'm working on an exhaustive Mad Men catch-up and also finally got around to ordering the Undeclared box set.  I can't recommend those shows more highly.  But as I was trodding my way through my maxed-out queue of Netflix movies, this film "The Fall" really stayed with me beyond the others.  Reading the backstory of how the film was made, makes it all the more intriguing. Apparently, Director spent Tarsem Singh spent five years making the film piecemeal struggling to find sources of funding for the film from his own pockets and those of his investors.  The footage was shot in over 20 countries in the most boa vista-rich locales. Most incredibly of all: No fancy digital special effects were used to create the incredible eye candy you see on the screen.  Its truly visual cake to watch the movie and leaves you pondering how he got some the amazing shots without CGI or other digital methods.  Every scene is framed like a painting.


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