Monday, January 10, 2011

The carnival sounds of Ariel.

I love Ariel Pink.  I especially love his bizarro, oddly theatrical music videos--these strange mashups of retro culture and emotions just like his music. His music is like a random sampling of the collective concious of 80s-70s American pop culture.  Its like he reaches into a bag of fragments from TV, radio, movies of the period and finds a way to string them together. There are also a lot of equally magically insane fan videos made for Ariel Pink songs.

This particular Ariel video had me at the carnival backdrop.   It has a great super8 soft glow and this flashing light film that flashes on the beat.  I heart his parrot shirt, raggedy 70s hair, stash, and girlfriend.  She's a 1980 dream with her fringed hair and bow tied, high neck blouse.  This video reminds me of a distorted version of the Three's Company opening credits... The one they did torwards the end of the series where the gang is frolicking around the San Diego Zoo.


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