Monday, January 24, 2011

The return trip.

Back from a lovely week of holidays in Buenos Aires.  It was my first time there and I absolutely fell in love, imagining my self living in every delapidated parisian-looking, latin-colored building and seeing dimly lit tango performances in hole-in the wall bars at night.  There were late 70s-esque little cars like I had never seen and for every old lady in a brightly flowered top with Evita-esque slicked back hair and red lips, there was a stray kitty perched on some higher plane staring down at you.  Historic, stately statues are scrawled with graffiti, and street art is painted or plastered on nearly every corner.

The cat whisker/greek goddess statue may be one of my favorite snaps from the trip.  As I mentioned, there were a lot of graffiti-ed statues but those six whiskers, cleverly placed were the best addition of them all.  I am still and in awe and shock looking at the photos I took of the curious deer + rabbit + kangaroo guys that were scampering loose around the city zoo- park.  Does anyone know what those mystical creatures are called?? If so, please comment below.... Inquiring minds want to know.... I think I want one for my backyard... when I get a backyard.   They were very tame-ish and let you get quite close to take the pictures... plus they were loose in the park amongst the screaming children hobbling around so they must be very human friendly.

See more Buenos Aires photos: my flickr


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