Friday, February 18, 2011

Art: Katy Smail

As previously mentioned... I really love the work of Katy Smail.  I discovered her very randomly when the only info I could find on her was a myspace page and website.  Now a google search result shows blog posts on her work by various bloggers, a book-by-its-cover post, an updated website, and her lovely inspiration blog, among other things.  Take a looksy. 

When asked what inspires her work she said: 

"At the moment: Nabokov, great love stories, wistful girls in petticoats and furs, Charles Anastase, Victorian botanical illustrations, Lula magazine, woodland animals, The Belles of the Black Diamond Field, tragic heroines, Yelena Yemchuk, lonliness and longing, Rodarte, Egon Schiele, sequins, Tim Walker, dusty books, Henry Darger, Erdem, old English houses, paper dolls…….."


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