Monday, February 14, 2011

Be Mine. Love + Candy Day: A Music Video Playlist.

"Yummy yummy yummy" Julie London (1969)

I am absolutely in love with Julie London and think she has one of the sultriest voices in history. I love putting Julie London songs on my late night playlists for insomnia and sweet-dreamin'and sulking. She can make even the word "Yummy" seem all too grown up. Even though her sixties era songs were a bit past her 50s peak, she still did some great late sixties covers like this one.

The Four Tops "Girl I can't help myself" (197?)

Sugar pie honey bunch. Even though this is clearly a seventies rerecording of their 1965 classic, its just such a great seventies styled visual. I love the mustard suits against the plum backdrop.

The Searchers "Sweets for my Sweet" (1963)

The Searchers were part of the Merseybeat movement from Northern England in the early 60s.  The song was remade by disco king Tony Orlando in 1979.

The Strangeloves "I want candy" (1965)

(If you can't see the video in the player, click to watch it on youtube itself)  Before Bow Wow Wow was The Strangeloves.  This song has such a great jungle drum beat, and the fact that its about that sticky sweet good Wonka stuff makes it all the more addictive.  I love this performance too... If you look closely, you will see the man himself Sammy Davis Jr. mash-potato up and join the festivities (he was actually hosting this episode of Hollabaloo).  Check out those fab Yves St. Laurent dresses shimmy, the guys in drain pipe pants and sweaters, the dizzy gogo dancers, and the band in vests pounding away on drums like some wild teenage riot.  

The Archies "Sugar Sugar" (1969)

This fictional band The Archies, composed of random musicians for the purposes of this song only, was created for this show but ended up scoring the biggest #1 hit of 1969, "Sugar Sugar".  This song was previously rejected by the Monkees, as the rumours go.

Also, I believe this song is a landmark for the first time "pour some sugar on me" was said in a song.  Def Leppard were definitely closet Archies fans and should be sued for ripping that off and doing so in such a tacky way.

The Chordettes "Lollipop" (1958)

Hmm, I always thought it was spelled Lollypop.  Either way, I really heart the Chordettes 50s harmonies style which ranges from haunting ("Soft Sands") to bubblegum ("Mr. Sandman").

Happy Valentine's Day.


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