Thursday, February 17, 2011

Drawings on Album Covers.

I love very hand-drawn, collaged, and painterly album covers.  Its rare to see art on album covers that hasn't been heavily photoshopped and glossed up.  Not that those covers are lame, but its a real treat to see a very intimate, handmade piece as an album cover-- as if its not a mass produced print but something homemade someone did for their fav album.  

The only thing I hate is that often the artist isn't credited (especially in the digital age of downloading tracks and a jpeg album cover) and you're dying to know who did the work so you can check out more of their stuff.  This is the case with the top album cover: "Miles Away" by The Last Electro-Acoustic Space Jazz and Percussion Ensemble.  I really stumbled upon it and only heard samples of the tracks which seem to be fairly groovy but what really attracted me was the cover art.  I would love to know who did the cover, I tried googling various key words but came up with all of nothing.  If you know who painted/drew the cover art for this album please leave a comment. 

I love Camera Obscura and I sat and looked at the album cover for a long time when I first got my My Maudlin Career album. I'm a sucker for a very watery aquarella. According to an interview I dug up: 

Bowlegs: Tell me about the cover art for My Maudlin Career?
Tracyanne: Actually the artwork for this whole campaign is done by an artist called Julie Annis. She’s from Brighton. I knew of her because my boyfriend had some of her paintings. She also did some work for his band. I liked it and wanted a change. I really like the stuff that’s she’s done. Really fantastic. And for someone who’s practically a stranger you give a couple of ideas to she seems to get what we want and really is able to represent the feelings and ideas behind the songs.

The third album cover down was a completely serendipitous encounter.  I came across Katy Smail's website years ago and was completely in love with her work (more on her in an upcoming post).  This album was very smartly recommended for me by emusic and when I saw the cover image I recognized her work right away.  This delicate, feminine collaging of beautifully distorted Victorian girls.

Of course, I can't profess my love for Kime Buzzelli enough.  She is my inspiration in creativity.  A couple years ago or so she posed some painting for the cover and promotional posters for an electro band with laid-back, edgy beats and feminine vocals called Chelan.  
Lastly is a very Henry Darger muse-ish looking collage of 50s era illustration.  It looks like the images were ripped from a textbook or storybook.  I like how this animal cover looks hand glued and very alive with the wrinkles still in the pages.  I love Animal Collective and was hooked ever since this album.  


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