Friday, March 18, 2011

Flowering consciousness.

Thick lashes and soft muted tones, flowers and painted faces.  
So much digital these days, I miss the look of this noise-y scratched, soft film.  It just gives this great blur.  And its really all about the blur... thats the interesting part, the mystery.  Anything too clear becomes boring all too quickly but the mystery continues. 

In the sixties eyes were dominant focus; thick lashes, drawn on lash lines, thick black liner, batwings, cateyes.  Lips were generally nude and cheeks were lightly blushed if at all.  Sculpted eyebrows framed the dramatic eye.

The sixties opened up new pathways in the culture, drawing more attention outside the colonized western world.  The era sparked spiritual awakenings to Eastern philosophies-- particularly Indian and Tibetan.  As the culture's gaze shifted, make-up followed suit.  The eye represents openness, awareness, consciousness, and soul, and increased attention to the eye with make up was a natural choice.  This spiritual awakening coincided with a backlash against the fifties model of ideal femininity-- the voluptuous, fertile wife/mother.  Girls at this time were looking toward the babydoll as the ideal-- representing innocence, sweetness, and desire for eternal youth.  Of course, one feature that defines children faces-- as well as their babydolls-- are the proportionately large eyes, bright and round with thick curled lashes.  

Eye were natural choice at the time to symbolize the youth movement:  honesty and innocence coupled with awakened consciousness.


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