Sunday, March 13, 2011

Its Magic.

Here We Go Magic "Fangela" 

From the description:
"This is Snejina Latev's second video collaboration with Here We Go Magic. Previously, she worked alongside director Nathaniel Johnson of directing team Peking ( in creating the vibrant kaleidoscopic Super-8 video for Tunnelvision. In this new solo effort for the song Fangela, she has meticulously interwoven charcoal animations, small sculptural elements, super-8 footage, stop-motion animation and homemade light effects. The video was composed almost entirely by hand. Snejina Latev is a New York-based artist and experimental filmmaker.  She works in a wide variety of mediums and constantly explores new and innovative ways to execute ideas.  She uses light and motion to compose form, often constructing her own devices in the process, resulting in images both concrete and ethereal."

Here We Go Magic "Tunnelvision"

From the description:
"Tunnelvision is directing team Peking's ( second music video collaboration with Luke Temple.  The music video was made with Super-8 film, nails and paint with no post-production effects. It's a collaboration between Peking and artist Snejina Latev (designed Animal Collective's Water Curses video).  All of the footage was captured on the edge of a large lake in the Catskill Mountains. "The temperature had dropped the night before and the lake was starting to freeze. Everything was half-frozen," recalls Peking's Nat Johnson. A lot of the footage was recorded with Snejina's homemade kaleidoscope fastened to the lens of the camera. The footage was then manipulated by hand, projected and filmed again. "Super-8 projection has an anxious, hypnotic effect that we thought served Here We Go Magic's song well. We wanted something simple and transcendent," Snejina explains. "Look closely and you'll enjoy beautiful patterns in the seemingly random imagery," notes Peking co-founder, Greg Mitnick.  Peking is a film production team employing home-grown mysticism to create multi-platform content. Peking's previous music videos include works for Luke Temple, as well as other artists such as Glass Ghost, The End of the World, and Stern."


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