Saturday, March 26, 2011

Style movie: Dollybirds.

One of the greatest examples of Dollybird style caught on film is The Touchables (1968),  you can watch the film in its entirety on youtube in 10 parts here.   Its loaded with lovely dollybirds and mods, plenty of mad capers and zany dialogue.  You can spy images of Patti Boyd among other iconic faces and references to the many colorful characters of sixties London.   Chalk full of make up, interior design and both mens and womens fashions of the era.  The value of this movie is mainly visual-- its a great timecapsule of 60s style-- but it also does demonstrate the tension of the era for change. Breaking with the traditional role for women in life and film, the jeune filles of this film are wise beyond their years-- knowing, crafty and seeking control.   As so many other movies of the time (Faster pussycat, for example) the dialogue is loaded with sexual innuendo and mild violence between the male and female characters show the disfunction/tension/imbalance in romantic relationships at that time. The plot is minimum: four dollybirds capture a pop star & have their wicked way with him. Gangsters and sundry other characters come into play as well. 


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