Monday, April 11, 2011

60s TV promos.

1966 ABC Fall Season Promos Friday "A Night to Remember"
The Green Hornet
The Time Tunnel
The Milton Berle Show
12 O'Clock High

1966 ABC Fall Season Promos Monday "A Night to Remember"
Iron Horse
The Rat Patrol
The Felony Squad
Peyton Place
The Big Valley

The Beatles on Shindig
Shindig on Thursdays and Saturdays


The Sunday Night Movie Presents: Hayley Mills in Tiger Bay

ABC Thursday Night Line-up, 1966-7 Time Change Promos

Bewitched 8:30 PM
Love on a Rooftop 9:00 PM
That Girl  10:00 PM

ABC 1965-1969 Promos

The Smothers Brothers Summer Show

September new shows:
Room 222
Love American Style
World Premiere Movie of the Week

1969 September Promos
Room 222
Love American Style
World Premiere Movie of the Week

Johnny Cash Summer Show

Bewitched Promo

Music Scene Weekly concerts:
Mick Jagger and more

The New People Promo
The Survivors Promo
Love American Style Promo

CBS Promos Fall 1970

The Mary Tyler Moore Show

These old TV clips are such amazing time capsules.  The lights and colors, fonts, silhouettes, use of stills and superimposed images.  I particularly love the clip of the Smothers Brothers demonstrating the various film editing techniques of the era.  You don't see much of the "keyhole mat" much anymore unfortunately.


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