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Star magazine: Scheming teenage super foxes' guide to groupiedom.

When it comes to 60s and 70s rock, no one has given us a more interesting perspective of what really happened on the scene than the groupies that were pounding the pavement.  Check out this groupies muse post  for the general summary. 

The women of the rock scene of that era, largely wives, girlfriends, and groupies, have pulled the curtain back and given more insight into the era than any of the male rockstars themselves.  There are so many great biographies by women of the era that really dish the details the men didn't want to divulge, and probably couldn't do so in a way as entertaining or eloquent anyway.  But, most of the rock bios I've read by women of the era, for example, Cynthia Lennon's John and Pattie Boyd's Wonderful Tonight are down-right G-rated compared to Pamela Des Barres' I'm with the Band-- which I recently started reading.  But for all the delicious smut of I'm with the Band, it is equally so well-written, imaginative, bittersweet, and completely enthralling (and not in that trash-gossip way, where you feel a bit dirty after you put it down).  Its a very well-written tale of a young girl, enthralled by the music, and in a rapture with all of the rock gods that offered up their riffs. 

One of the crazy insights into the 70s Sunset Strip rock scene and groupies of the era is the scandalous teen groupie mag, Star.   There were hosts of so-called "baby groupies" frequenting the scene in those days and Star magazine not only reported it, but completely sanctioned it.  The pages are graced by teen groupies like Shray Mecham, Sable Starr, Lori Lightning, Queenie Glam and infamous venues like Rodney Bingenheimer's English Disco where 14 year old baby groupies snagged VIP status and went home with the likes of Jimmy Page at the end of the night-- or should I say, early in the morning.   The magazine was, expectedly, very short-lived, runing from February '73 to June '73 and has become quite a gem in the vintage mag collector's archives, achieving cult status among fans and collectors for its quirky rareness.

Thanks to Star collector Ryan Richardson who collected each issue, scanned them and made them available in an e-reader format-- and doing it all just for the love of the ephemera. 

On his Star website he explains:
"The first issue of Star hit the stands in February 1973. With its over-the-top advice and irreverent coverage of LA’s teenage groupie scene, it wasn’t long before Petersen Publishing was feeling the heat from “concerned citizens”. Five issues and five months later, publication ceased. A sixth issue was planned but never printed. Such controversy along with coverage of “new breed” Sunset Strip groupies (Shray Mecham, Sable Starr, Lori Lightning, Queenie Glam) and glam venues like Rodney Bingenheimer’s English Disco cemented the mag’s later cult status among fans and collectors.  After spending endless hours and a sizeable cash stack to secure all five original issues, there was only one illogical step left: do it all over again by making every page of this impossibly rare groupie mag available online."

At Ryan’s Star 73 website you can flip through the pages of all five amazing issues.   Its such an interesting read, and well put together in all its trashy glory.  Horoscopes, naughty comics, tips from older starlets, make-up instruction, and a who's-who of rock 101 will let you hone your super-fox teenage groupie appeal.  There are plenty of hot glam rock pin-ups and featurettes on the guys of the day like David Bowie, Marc Bolan, and The Stones.  

Read the issues in entirety here:


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Wonderful post, I very much enjoyed reading it. I hope you like "I'm with the band" That book changed my life. I find myself reading it a few times every year =)

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I am LOVEing "Im with the band" , its terrific :D


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