Sunday, May 15, 2011

Love's style.

How did I completely miss this magical animated piece from last September??  Grungy dollbaby-punker-cum-plastic-surgery-rock-queen Courtney Love asked filmmaker Michael Mouris to make a short animated clip that tells the story of Courtney's turn-of-the-21st-century make-over transformation when she left her mousse, baby doll clips, and maryjanes behind, in favor of a more grown up Birkin bag and slinky ballgowns.  I remember how shocking it was when Courtney started showing up at red carpet events in the most chic silky numbers, looking, above all else, clean and polished!  "The Dark Night of the Soul" is the name of this amazing piece of animation.   

Summary via Huffington Post:
It starts off with a conversation between Courtney and Karl Lagerfeld, who warns her, "You're drowning in The Kook....Your lungs are filling with chiffon and lace and all that glitter bead nonsense, you must come up for air before you die."   In her sleep, Courtney is magically gifted a Birkin Bag, which helps her ditch The Kook, or so she thinks. But Andre Leon Talley tells her differently, remarking, "There is a whole silly world out there filled with Birkins and hobos and diamond-encrusted clutches you can't fit your Tampax in, but you are none of these. You are a rock star. That's just your bag." Finally, Courtney runs into Karl who wisely tells her, "The Kook is never gone." She talked to WWD about the movie, saying "I don't know if Karl has seen this. But it's about him in so many ways." 


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