Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mondo Hollywood (1967)

Mondo Hollywood is a cult classic underground film, challenging the social and political norms of the 60s.  It was directed by Robert Carl Cohen and largely dismissed as an indulgent, mediocre documentary. 

"Hollywood: The Streets are paved in gold!"

Long considered a cult classic, "Mondo Hollywood" captures the underside of Hollywood by documenting a moment in time (1965-67), when an inquisitive trust in the unknown was paramount, hope for the future was tangible and life was worth living on the fringe. An interior monologue narrative approach is used throughout the film, where each principal person shown not only decided on what they wanted to be filmed doing, but also narrated their own scenes. The film opens with Gypsy Boots (the original hippie vegan - desert hopping blender salesman), and stripper Jennie Lee, working out 'Watusi-style' beneath the 'Hollywood' sign -- leading into the 'sustainable community' insight of Lewis Beach Marvin III, the S&H Green Stamp heir, who lived in a $10 a month garage while owning a mountain retreat in Malibu.  -FROM IMDB

"Banned in France!"

The film is a time capsule of the era and retains a mystery about it for including future Manson cult killer Bobby Beausoleil and a future victim of the Manson killings, Jay Sebring.  The Manson killings happened just 2 years after this documentary was made.   Among them are a number of cameos by other famous and infamous characters.

You can watch the full film here:


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