Saturday, May 14, 2011

Shine like gold diamonds, oh.

I love these eerie 80s, post-disco nostalgic beats with ethereal, wispy vocals laid over top, and then the little vibrating ghost keyboard sound comes in and 'oooo's...  I want to dance the night away in a haze, shine like gold and diamonds, oh.  

feeling without touching
oh feel us we are laughing
oh with the angel gloves
oh see me see me laugh laugh laugh myself away
away away from doubt
my crown is tipped up
my world is zipped up tight
that's all I'm saying I'm slow

with touchable ornaments placed around
like eyes and teeth oh shine of gold and diamonds oh
we smile we smile we smile we can't be ruined, no
feeling without touching
oh feel us we are all laughing

Glass Candy - Feeling without Touching
The Chromatics - In the City
Johnny Jewel, Italians do it Better.


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