Sunday, May 22, 2011

Strange visions of Pandora.

I have been home alone for days now and each night was a little scary.  I heard that some people I knew were secretly part of a cult, hidden in the countryside.   They drink a strange tea and have visions.  I read up on rare South American religions late into the night, then I kept going until daylight.  
That night I had a dream that a giant diety, fleshed out in large human proportions, with mass and weight to his presence, came up to me, walking out from an empty room in my apartment.  He looked almost like a diety out of an old Hindu painting-- which are usually so charming and light, but he was gravely serious and massive.  He was part animal, and blue, and wearing big leather boots and beading.  I remember the sound of his heavy shoes and the little tinkling of trinkets, pendants, beads, hanging, rattling.  

It felt so real that later after waking myself, when I summoned the courage, I went back to the room and closed the door.  I didn't open it for three days.  I used to do that when I was young, there would be a Pandora's box-like place that I would close and never open, like a closet, or a deep drawer.  I felt that I could keep all the nightmares in that one place as long as I keep it shut and never opened it.   It was a strong feeling, like a superstition. 
I thought about the 27 club.  Brian Jones' death is listed as "Death by misadventure"

[Stills are from the silent film Pandora's Box]


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I just watched this last night, thank goodness for netflix ha

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