Monday, June 13, 2011

California Poppy dreamin'.

I find it hard to sleep at night, but easy to sleep during the day.  I am more owl than human, some say.  I bought a little bottle called California Poppy Extract.   It comes in a little dark vile with a golden yellow label and a dropper top. You make tea as usual and drop drops of the perfumey tonic in it.  It promises to lulls you to sleep like an opiate, but its said to be safe; the only side effect is that it gives you fantastical dreams.  Before bed, I dropped some of the extract from that amber bottle in water and read the passage of the Wizard of Oz where Dorothy and her friends fall victim to the charming poppies of the field, seduced to sleep.

I drifted off with a vision.  I dreamed a long forgotten memory.  I pictured my house when I was very young, in Southern California near the desert.  The yard behind my house was filled with orange poppies that caught the light golden when the sun was high. They swayed all day.  Once I looked out of a window to the yard and just at that moment I watched as a hawk swooped down into the swaying poppy field and grabbed a mouse by the neck from under a tender poppy leaf.  It lifted off back into the sky with the little creature in his beak.   I wondered where they were going and what they would do when they got there.  I forgot about that until that night.

Photo via Lolita


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