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The last of the above photos was taken the day Miss Pamela Miller was discovered by Dennis Hopper as the star of Candy (1968).  Of course, in the end she didn't get the part as she was the author's choice for the role (Candy was based on the novel of the same name) and the studio ended up dropping Terry Southern from the project and doing their own take on the story without his input.

Below is an excerpt from Pam's bio "I'm with the band", describing the day the photos were taken:

"....The next time I saw Vito was at the eulogy for the pagan saint of the post-bop, pre-pop culture, Lenny Bruce, who had obliterated himself one shiny, startling day up Sunset Plaza Drive.  Me and my friend Sherri donned our most daring velvet frocks and hitchhiked out past many, many spanking-new shopping malls to the West Valley.  We were on our way to celebrate the short life of a guy we didn't know too much about, except for the indisputable fact that he'd been very, very HIP.    
Two or three hundrede people turned up at his grave site, and we all paraded to a KDAY DJs patio to listen while Phil Spector recalled Lenny's greatness.  Sitting cross-legged on the grass, my black velvet skirt slit all the way up, I solemnly paid silent attention, occasionally stealing a glance at the swing set, where Frank Zappa sat on the slide, wearing short flowered bell-bottoms and big flowered sneakers.  A few other people spoke of Lenny's greatness, one of whom was Dennis Hopper, who was staring a searing hole right through me.  I recognized him as one of Buzz's hostile bunch, puncturing Jim Starks whitewalls in Rebel Without a Cause.  He said that Lenny wouldn't have wanted us to be miserable, so we started dancing an having fun, and I didnt get home until after dark.  I had some profound revelation that death shouldn't be mourned as I bounced down the street carrying balloon, but I didn't know the extent of Lenny's greatness so maybe I was feeling overly idealistic.  Something got into me that day, some kind of stand-up-straight pride about being a blond American girl, so ripe, I was about to pop off the tree. 
I was listening to KDAY a few days later, hoping to the the new Stones single, when the DJ Tom Clay, made a startling announcement:  'For five days I've been trying to locate a blond, blue eyed girl who attended Lenny Bruce's eulogy at my house last Saturday.  She was wearing a long black skirt, slit up the side, and a red velvet blouse.  If anyone out there knows how to get in touch with this girl, have her call the station   I have some great news for her concerning a movie project...'  I sat there in my rock and roll room, trying to figure out if what I had just heard was in my imagination, or had it come across the airwaves through my funky teenage speakers?  When I phoned KDAY, Tom Clay was so thrilled to hear from me that we had our conversation right on the air!  He told me this fairytale news:  Terry Southner, the tall, disheveled British gentleman who was with Dennis Hopper at the eulogy, was dying to meet me.  His new book was going to be made in to a movie and he thought I was the spitting image of his title character Candy.   I had never read the book, but I knew it was soft-core, sex-ridden stuff, and I was delighted to be thought of in those terms by the author.  It made me realize that I was really coming of sexual age, even though I still had not participated in the ACT itself.    
I meet with Mr Southern at MGM Studios on another bright and shiny day, clutching my recently read copy of Candy, wearing a short frilly item acquired for the occasion, feeling totally like a tantalizing Hollywood starlet.  I was alive and alert, and on edge with excitement as I met him on the gigantic steps of the gigantic studio  He was the epitome of elegant debauchery as he elegantly kissed my hand and said, 'Hello, Candy' I tried to demonstrate my innocent allure as he ushered me through the majestic golden gates by asking him what the letters MGM stood for.    
'Mystery, Golden Mystery, my dear girl.' "


Atomic April said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

You know I can't resist my favorite baby faced, wildflower GTO. I never knew these photos were from "Candy". Thank you so much for sharing this. I definitly remember reading this excerpt.

And I must say, I adore Pam's makeup in the first photo.

Smashingbird said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Love her.

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