Sunday, June 26, 2011

Isabel & Angus.

These are the gorgeous stills from the film by Australian actress Isobel Lucas and Angus Stone supporting the Australian ocean's reefs.   Isobel is now considered a fugitive, escaping imprisonment in Japan for her involvement in the 2010 documentary The Cove, where she and others trespassed in the private cove used by fisherman to expose the brutal, inhumane methods they used in slaughtering dolphins for meat.  Isobel and Angus made a lovely film in Super 8 as a video love letter to the beauty of nature, in hopes others spread the word about their campaign to protect the reef.  Isobel may be returning to Japan soon, risking immediate detention by police at the airport, to keep exposing the brutality continuing at the cove.  The following stills were found at this blog: Noah loves Esmé.

You can see the film here:


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