Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Newlyweds: Ringo and Maureen.

After finding out she was pregnant in late January 1965, Ringo married Maureen Cox at the Caxton Hall Register Office, London, on 11 February 1965. She was 18-years-old. Because of the pregnancy, manager Brian Epstein arranged the wedding very quickly.  

John Lennon reportedly congratulated her saying there should be no tears or she "wouldn't be one of the gang". Paul McCartney was in Tunisia at the time so he could not attend. After the wedding, George Harrison (who had arrived on a bicycle), jokingly said: "Two down, two to go"-- only two bachelor Beatles remaining: Harrison and McCartney. 

The Starrs had a brief honeymoon for three days at the holiday home of Epstein's lawyer in Prince's Crescent, Hove, but had to give an interview in the back garden, as they were being besieged day and night by the press (see photos above!). Starr then had to depart to the Bahamas for the filming of their 1965 Beatle movie Help!, on 22 February.


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