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The sun worshippers: Part 2.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

The sun worshippers: Part 1.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summer of '62.

French starlet Philomene Toulouse angling for attention with her pet fox and bare torso, at the Cannes Film Festival.  

The glamourous Cannes set gets sun.

Sailor eyes flower child

The jet set lounge luxury style on the hotel beaches of Cannes.

Boat rides and topless sunning of starlets abound

The tragic and fabulous:  Actress Natalie Wood takes a break from film festival viewings to sun on a boat.  She would die several years later in a mysterious boating accident. 

Classic brunette of the screen, Natalie Wood

Starlet of Cannes.

An exec or businessman and his model or starlet stroll the strip.

From the Life archives, these photos were taken during the Cannes film festival in France during the summer of 1962.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Baby pop.

France Gall performs "Baby Pop" in the official music video.  

I just saw the film "Gainsbourg" (2010) finally, and while I don't know how it would be perceived to a Serge Gainsbourg super fan, I personally, as a more causal Serge fan, thought the film was fantastic and left the theatre planning to pick up a Serge bio soon to fill in the gaps of the many illustrious details the biopic left out.  For less informed Serge fans, I think this biopic, while beautifully done, is less clear on the significance of certain events in his life and not so detailed that you get an in-depth understanding of his timeline.   Its a super moving, glamourous, and inspiring film though.  If you need a little classic rockstar glamour in your life, this would be a great biopic to view on a lazy Friday night.

One memorable moment of the film was Gainsbourg's interaction with teen pop sweetie France Gall and her performance of Baby Pop for him and her dollar-sign seeing daddy/ "Dad-ager".   Gainsbourg subtly wanted to challenger her to break out of her squeeky-clean kiddie role and rebel a bit more.  I never took the time to listen to "Baby Pop" when I had heard it before, and my French abilities are super basic so I have to really study to understand.   On the surface it seems like a typical teen hit full of fluffy and soda fizz, but after seeing the film, I wondered what were the lyrics Gainsbourg had written for Gall.   I was surprised they are so dark, and really encompass that sense of social change, youth movement, and distrust of authority in the context.  Its actually a shockingly dark and powerful song slicked over with a joie-de-vivre, live for the moment happiness.

Here's a bit from wikipedia on "Baby Pop":

At the beginning of 1966 Gall released Baby pop, another song written by Gainsbourg, the lyrics of which Gall once described as "brutal", but whose dark undertones are not easily perceived when one hears the song as sung by the then 18 year-old girl. However, the undertones in her next hit song were not so easily missed, and caused a scandal when it was released. Gainsbourg deliberately filled the song Les Sucettes ("Lollipops") with double-meanings and strong sexual innuendo. On the surface, the lyrics tell the innocent tale of a girl named Annie who enjoys lollipops. However, it is clear that Gainsbourg intentionally created the theme as a metaphor for oral sex. Although a big hit, the song sat in stark contrast to genuinely innocent songs on the same album such as Je me marie en blanc ("White Wedding") and Ça me fait rire ("It makes me laugh").

Baby Pop Lyrics in French:

Les quelques sous que tu vas gagner
Faudra pour ça durement travailler
Te lever aux aurores
Automne comme été
Tu auras beau économiser
Tu ne pourras rien mettre de côté
Et là-dessus encore
Heureuse si tu peux
Aller danser

Chante, danse Baby pop
Comme si demain Baby pop
Ne devais jamais Baby pop
Jamais revenir
Chante, danse Baby pop
Comme si demain Baby pop
Au petit matin Baby pop
Tu devais mourir

Sur l'amour tu te fais des idées
Un jour ou l'autre c'est obligé
Tu seras une pauvre gosse
Seule et abandonnée
Tu finiras par te marier
Peut-être même contre ton gré
À la nuit de tes noces
Il sera trop tard pour
Le regretter

Chante, danse Baby pop
Comme si demain Baby pop
Ne devais jamais Baby pop
Jamais revenir
Chante, danse Baby pop
Comme si demain Baby pop
Au petit matin Baby pop
Tu devais mourir

Tu ne peux ignorer les dangers
Que représentent les libertés
Les menaces de guerre
Semblent se préciser
À cet instant Baby tu le sais
Où tous les soleils vont se lever
Quelque part sur la terre
Les balles sifflent
Le sang est versé

Chante, danse Baby pop
Comme si demain Baby pop
Ne devais jamais Baby pop
Jamais revenir
Chante, danse Baby pop
Comme si demain Baby pop
Au petit matin Baby pop
Tu devais mourir

Excuse the poor English translation... I welcome any improved translations!

The few pennies you'll earn
You will work hard for
Get up at dawn
Autumn and summer
You will scrimp and save
But you will not put anything aside
And yet
Be happy if you can

Sing, dance,  Baby Pop
As if tomorrow, Baby Pop
Will never, Baby Pop
never return
Sing, dance, Baby Pop
As if tomorrow, Baby Pop
In the early morning, Baby Pop
You will die

Based on love you make your ideas,
But one day or another it is required,
You will be a poor kid
Alone and abandoned
You will end up getting married
Maybe even against your will
On the night of your wedding
It will be too late to

Sing, dance,  Baby Pop
As if tomorrow, Baby Pop
Will never, Baby Pop
never return
Sing, dance, Baby Pop
As if tomorrow, Baby Pop
In the early morning, Baby Pop
You will die

You can not ignore the dangers
That represent the freedoms
The threat of war
Seem to indicate
In this instant, Baby, you know
Where all the suns will rise
Somewhere on earth
Bullets fly
The blood is poured

Sing, dance,  Baby Pop
As if tomorrow, Baby Pop
Will never, Baby Pop
never return
Sing, dance, Baby Pop
As if tomorrow, Baby Pop
In the early morning, Baby Pop
You will die

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Jumping through hoops.

 Danish Gym Team For World's Fair

Eliot Elisofon 

Monday, July 25, 2011

Love is a wave.

"Love is a wave" - The Crystal Stilts.  

I don't wanna be a loser in love.

Lesley Gore preforming "I don't wanna be a loser" in the 1965 beach party romp "Girls on the Beach".  I'm sad the video is a little out-of-synch but its a rarity so I'm glad to see this clip on Youtube at all.  I love the change at the end that suddenly turns it into a Sister Nancy-esque ska-reggae song for about the last 10 seconds... I wish she did the whole song like that.   

I don't wanna be a loser
I don't wanna have a broken heart

Oh I don't wanna be a loser
I don't want another girl
to tear us apart

Tell me, what can I do to keep from losin' you
'Cause I could never live without your love
I don't wanna be, no I don't wanna be a loser
I don't wanna hear you say goodbye
Oh I don't wanna be a loser
End up with a million tears that I'll have to cry
Oh I'll fight with all my might, 
kiss you & hold you tight
Until you say I'm right; 

I don't wanna be a loser in love


I don't wanna be a loser
I don't want another girl to tear us apart
Oh please tell me, what can I do to keep from losin' you
'Cause I could never live without your love
A loser in love, in love, 
I don't wanna be a loser in love

Oh I don't wanna be a loser in love, whoa-oh-oh.

I don't wanna be a loser in love

Seaside day.

Seaside Day (Margate, Kent) 1950s-60s

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hearts of Love, says The Crocodiles.

"...Me and my love will surf the streets all day..."

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Art: Crossword by Marguerite Sauvage.

Check out these gorgeous crossword puzzles by Paris-based illustrator Marguerite Sauvage.  I just love all her intwined Barbie-girl siren drawings.  Her work reminds me of 60s Bond book covers mixed with the 80s era illustrations of Barbie, Jem, and other teen dream girls I would fantasize that I could become when I was reading my She-ra fan mags.   Check out Marguerite's Tumblr!

She says in the image description:

Les mots croisés "sexy" du magazine Fluide.G,
illustrés et composés par votre dévouée moi même,
enjoy !
Sexy summer "cerebral" game for playing on the beach,
when taning softly, illustrated and composed by me in
the fresh Fluide.G new magazine !

Friday, July 22, 2011

Beach girls and the Monster (1965).

You can watch the whole film streaming here!

A young girl is killed at the beach in Malibu. Professor Otto Lindsay suspects that it is some form of mutated fish. However, his son Richard, who was a good friend of the girl, thinks that it is a madman who has a grudge against Richard and his friends. Soon the list of victims grows to include one of Rich's surfing buddies, Rich's bitchy stepmother Vicky and his friend Mark who was crippled in an auto accident. Written by Brian Washington VIA IMDB


"Dance Baby Dance"
Written by Frank Sinatra Jr. and Joan Gardner

"More Than Wanting You"
Written and Performed by Arnold Lessing

"There's a Monster in the Surf"
Written by Walker Edmiston and Elaine DuPont
Performed by Elaine DuPont and Kingsley the Lion

Despite the two-star IMDB review, I really like this beach party flick more than many of the others... It takes campiness to the extreme, but its a little less cheerful, less plastic, has better music and is more bizarre than some of the others.  I think the mid-60s black in white film is gritty and lovely, but a truly odd choice for this time period as black and white film was becoming passe, and summer flicks in general were expected to be bright and colorful.  The look of the film reminds me a bit of a Frankie and Annette movie mixed with a Russ Meyer film with a dash of "A Hard Days Night" and "Beat Girl". 

In comparison with some of the more popular beach party movies, this one actually humanizes the adults as their plot is intertwined with the teenage plot line.  The relationships between the grown-ups are the stuff of pure soap opera-- almost as if it was conceived of by a teenage screen writer picturing and the trials and tribulations of adult life.  There is adultery, seduction, and murder abounding.  All in all, its a strange blend of horror, melodrama, who-dun-it mystery, and teen beach party flick.  

The "beach monster" villain of the movie is truly ridiculous!  A man in a bad costume, Scooby-Doo-style for sure.  But to me, this just adds to the kitschy charm.  Not surprisingly, this film is listed among the 100 Most Enjoyably Bad Movies Ever Made in Golden Raspberry Award founder John Wilson's book The Official RAZZIE® Movie Guide.  The soundtrack is also quite fun... Word on the street is that Nancy Sinatra, the hit-maker she was at the time, was the first choice for the film music, but she turned down the project.  Who would the second choice be? Her little brother, of course!  Frank Sinatra Jr. sang the title song "Dance baby Dance" 


Surfer Chicks and Slimy Chills! 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Beach Party genre.

The "Beach Party" film genre revolves around the simple plot of entangled mellow-dramatic teen romances that wax and wane over the course of the summer beach adventures with friends.  The lead romantic couple constantly seeks to tease one another with a roster of newcomer characters that enter the clique.  Villains are are stiff and outmoded, egotistical, and inept, and seek to the thwart the fun just for kicks and personal gain.  The classic examples are usually bikers and know-it-all scientists.  Frankie and Annette were the classic beach party lead actors, but a host of other popular teenage singers and actors made cameos and guest starring appearances in the movies.  

Classic 60s Teen "Beach Party" films were started by American International Pictures in 1963:
FilmRelease dateAlso starring:
Beach Party7 August 1963Bob CummingsDorothy Malone and Morey Amsterdam
Muscle Beach Party25 March 1964Peter LupusLuciana Paluzzi and Buddy Hackett
Bikini Beach22 July 1964Keenan Wynn and Martha Hyer
Pajama Party11 November 1964Jesse White and Ben Lessy
Beach Blanket Bingo14 April 1965Paul LyndeLinda EvansMarta Kristen and Timothy Carey
How to Stuff a Wild Bikini14 July 1965Mickey RooneyBeverly AdamsLen LesserIrene Tsu 
The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini6 April 1966Basil RathboneBenny Rubin and Francis X. Bushman

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Beatles "Help!" (1965) on the Beach in '65.

I love the Beatles' look in "Help!" (1965).   I especially love their aesthetic in the beach sequence, which you can watch in all its full-motion animated Beatle romping glory in the clip below.  Now thats my kind of musical-- the type of self-promotional film made by actual musicians with mini music video montages inserted throughout.   But I digress.... 

I love the boys' styles here because it is that baby ocean blue with accents of white, black, and brown:  button-ups and blue jeans, straw hats, Huarachi sandals, and wayfarers.... sleeves all rolled up.  It gives you the impression of one of those blissful pleasant, not hot, beach days when you just seek adventure instead of sun baking to a crisp.  But, I've heard that it was actually super cold during the filming of this scene because it was winter season in the Bahamas and about 50 degrees fahrenheit that day. They were shaking to hold in the shivers and jumping around to stay warm when the breeze blew.  

The Beatles - "Another Girl" from the film "Help!"

Joyous summer zany madcap bliss.  The composition of the shots are just perfection in this scene.  I love the way they used the four guys, the girl models, and the mise-en-scene like gorgeous objects being arranged and rearranged in a case. The chord changes that happen over the shot of the purple sky, when John, Paul and George are looking down off the cliff at Ringo smoking a cigarette just tugs my heart strings.

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