Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Beatles "Help!" (1965) on the Beach in '65.

I love the Beatles' look in "Help!" (1965).   I especially love their aesthetic in the beach sequence, which you can watch in all its full-motion animated Beatle romping glory in the clip below.  Now thats my kind of musical-- the type of self-promotional film made by actual musicians with mini music video montages inserted throughout.   But I digress.... 

I love the boys' styles here because it is that baby ocean blue with accents of white, black, and brown:  button-ups and blue jeans, straw hats, Huarachi sandals, and wayfarers.... sleeves all rolled up.  It gives you the impression of one of those blissful pleasant, not hot, beach days when you just seek adventure instead of sun baking to a crisp.  But, I've heard that it was actually super cold during the filming of this scene because it was winter season in the Bahamas and about 50 degrees fahrenheit that day. They were shaking to hold in the shivers and jumping around to stay warm when the breeze blew.  

The Beatles - "Another Girl" from the film "Help!"

Joyous summer zany madcap bliss.  The composition of the shots are just perfection in this scene.  I love the way they used the four guys, the girl models, and the mise-en-scene like gorgeous objects being arranged and rearranged in a case. The chord changes that happen over the shot of the purple sky, when John, Paul and George are looking down off the cliff at Ringo smoking a cigarette just tugs my heart strings.


Rebecca said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I wonder if the movie would have been as popular with the title they originally were going to give it; "Eight Arms To Hold You"? You are right that the colors are gorgeous!

remi said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

never seen the last one of paul !

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