Monday, July 4, 2011

The Classic Hawaii Episode.

Remember how every classic TV sitcom had a Hawaii episode?  Usually it began with the patriarch of the family arriving home an announcing that he was being sent to a business conference in Hawaii for a week and it was usually a two-part episode with the cliff-hanging 'to be continued...' at the bottom of the screen when the first part ended.  My favorite of all the classic sitcom takes on Hawaii is when the Bradys visit the islands and enact one of the zany-est plots of all.  A talisman necklace Bobby finds seems to bring the boys bad luck when they wear it around their necks.  When Greg almost has a serious surfing accident while wearing it, they grow more suspicious.  Playing detective, the boys follow clues into an 'ancient cave' and get in over their heads with a greedy anthropologist played by none other than king of horror Vincent Price!  

Its a three part episode filled with summer bliss, camp, mystery, danger and intrigue... Not to mention the groovy summer looks donned by the lovely, blonde, Rapunzel-haired Brady girls.  Greg is also quite a teen dream in his tiny shorts and fluffy brown ringlets, surfing and scoping out island chicks on the beach.  

You can watch all three parts of this episode on youtube. 


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