Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dreamland, UK.

Dreamland Amusement Park Margate Archive Footage 1970s

From the user description: 
"Dreamland as I remembered it through my childhood. One of the secrets of the park was not to have too many spaces in between the rides, wherever you stood it was always a different perspective uncovering rides you could not see from the other side, unlike in the later years. 
To list but a few of the rides I remember The Sky Wheels, Caterpillar, Satelite, Scenic Railway, Dodgems, Go-Karts, The RIver Caves, Ghost Train, The Sphynx, The Whirl-a-boats, The Rock-n-Roll House, The Magic Garden Of Light, The Rotor, Wall Of Death, The Paratroopers, The Spectrum, Alison Wonderland Ride, Space Hopper, The Jets, Luna Jets, The Queen Mary facade, The Fireworks and seating area, The Miniature Railway including Billie the Steam Train and the other Train resembling a Diesal engine only it was actually Petrol! Tom Jones Pop Express, The Whirlwind, The Hall Of Mirrors, The Glass Maze, The Electic Race Cars, Smith's Lightning Swirl, Smith's Waltzer, The Three Abreast Carousel, Helter Skelter, 20,000 Leagues under the Sea, The Haunted House underneath the Scenic,The Dive Bomber, A smaller Big Wheel, The Octopus, Super Twist, not forgetting all the kids rides, and just running over the River Caves was another smaller wooden Roller Coaster that freewheeled without a break man. Dreamland to many including myself was Margate along with the Lido, The Lido Theatre's, The Lido Swimming Pool, Butlins, The Pier which I was told was half a mile long, The Waxworks, The Sundeck, The Cliftonville Illuminations, The Margate Lights and the Ramsgate Illuminations. 
Dreamland had it's own light show opening after dusk using a lot of ex-blackpool lights and some of there own in the Magic Garden or Garden of Light which had walkways, bridges castles and The Miniature Railway running through the Centre.The whole of Thanet seemed truly magical when the sun went down and everywhere lit up with colour and lights."


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beautiful post as always, oh it looks magical!

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