Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summer of '62.

French starlet Philomene Toulouse angling for attention with her pet fox and bare torso, at the Cannes Film Festival.  

The glamourous Cannes set gets sun.

Sailor eyes flower child

The jet set lounge luxury style on the hotel beaches of Cannes.

Boat rides and topless sunning of starlets abound

The tragic and fabulous:  Actress Natalie Wood takes a break from film festival viewings to sun on a boat.  She would die several years later in a mysterious boating accident. 

Classic brunette of the screen, Natalie Wood

Starlet of Cannes.

An exec or businessman and his model or starlet stroll the strip.

From the Life archives, these photos were taken during the Cannes film festival in France during the summer of 1962.


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