Wednesday, August 31, 2011


"Farouche prints... Great rings... A cascade of roses... Khalhal ankle bracelets to discourage running away from the Sultan's harem... or at any rate that was the original idea; the present point is to stay at home as reigning favourite in billowy chalwartrousers - vivid yellow, fuchsia, and green - with a slashed blouse of pink, blue, and olive on white, worn over a shirt of white cotton eyelet. By Salvador Morrel; organdie cap by Adolfo."

"Blazing scimitars of colour sashed over slim tom-bon pyjamas tapering at wrist and ankle. By Lucie Ann. Feet encased in supplebabouches, by Degas. Mr John turban, with an aigrette plume caught in a glitter of rhinestones. Right, Transparent layers of silk. Paisleyed caftan wafted over a flower-sprigged pink blouse... legs veiled with gauzy plaid chalwar. By Perfect. Sally Victor's tiny leopard turban, spilling golden booty down a haik veil."

"Delicious white eyelet bodice with modest little ties over a glimmer of bareness, sleeves like sheer hankerchiefs over the wrists... striped, ballooning chalwar wrapped on the waist. In a diamante belt: bundles of ermine tails, swags of pearls, a jewelled dagger glinting wickedly. Samuel Ehrman cotton eyelet; Galey & Lord striped cotton. Taj of India babouche slippers.Right, Shaped and small, a spahi jacket of vivid stripes... Chalwar of foaming green chiffon. Galey & Lord striped cotton.Babouches by Marimekko. Adolfo turbans."

"A Bosporus garden of silk-brocade flowers espaliered against the body... decolletage masked in jewels... very long, tight, beautiful sleeves. Pantalons of embroidered organza lace, like dense clouds of mimosa banked with satin leg-bands. Arnold Scaasi custom made collection; Chopine sandals with tapestry flowers, by Evins. Right, ravishing little veil of tunic in gold Chantilly lace... violet ribbon under the bosom. Diaphanous organza chalwar, turning motion into a tempest of yellows and violet. By Sarmi. Turbans - plumed organdie, veiled organza - by Adolfo."

The lure of the seraglio: Languishing under a velvet-edged organza caftan the colour of Turkish coffee - a halter drenched in beads and voluminous chalwar trousers of vermilion crepe. Baboushe slippers with turned-up toes, by Marimekko at Design Research. Cap by Mr. John. Right, Rakish tilt of taj, long ropes of pearls, a gauzy ribbon striped silk caftan over a chalwar suit of white silk. Cap by Sally Victor. Both costumes by Eric Lund for Branell.

"Till the sands of the desert grow cold, a more enchanting look than this might not be seen... The kufiyah, the Arab desert headdress, made here of white cotton organdie - light and blowy as the wind; drawn over a tall tarboosh... Mouth gleaming with ripe melon-red...The striped caftan - long, flowing, deep-sleeved, blue and white with a red border - is marvellous to wear around you own tent; by Dorian Macksoud. Headdress by Mr John."

Photos and text via Sighsandwhispers

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bettie's Dream

"Bettie Page's Dream"
An amazing clip showing the sensual ritual of Bettie's middle eastern influenced dream world bath time.    A shimmering world of chiffon veils and gold metals and ladies-in-waiting.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Dance of the Veil.

Julie Newmar - Slaves of Babylon

Hercules and Captive Women

Linda Cristal - Legion of the Nile

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Cleopatra day to evening.

I find this photo so fascinating for two reasons.  First, this is not a completely Cleopatra character look that Elizabeth is sporting, its a merge between the Cleopatra classical style with her real-life 60s era style.  Its almost as if she wanted to quickly walk from the set to her next event, transitioning her character look to the real modern world in order to get ready after work in as little time possible.  She looks so magnetic, so powerful, so perfectly Cleopatra yet without such a historically dated look.  

The second remarkable thing is the clearly visual tracheotomy scar on her neck.  During the making of Cleopatra (1963), Liz was very sick and rumors were swirling that she was very near death.  Production stalled on the movie and many scenes had to be tapered or edited out due to this blow to the main actress and production schedule.  But, rather than covering the scar through posing and lighting, as many entertainers would have during that era, she looks defiant and her chin is ever slightly tipped up, drawing more attention to her neck and her newly acquired scar. 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Still Film: Cat people (1942).

An absolutely hypnotic, beautiful film.  For more on Cat People, see a post with links to trailer, description, and movie streaming here.

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