Sunday, August 21, 2011

Alice in Acidland (Abridged).

"Alice in Acidland" (1969)

Wow.  Just....Wow.  

Never has anti-drug propaganda made drugs appear so damn cool.   This film appears to have been made by folks who were on drugs.    I think there is a longer version of this film, IMDB lists the film as being 55 minutes and details things in the plot that do not occur in this 10 minute segment. 

"Alice had a thing for Bob--or Animal as his friends called 
him for obvious reasons.  And she made it known as soon 
as she arrived at the party.  Her was her chance to prove 
that she belonged in the sex for pleasure inner circle, and 
prove it she did."

Alice's lifestyle of frequent soft-drug use lands her right into... a circle of super cool, attractive, rich new friends who spend days relaxing by their pool in the Hollywood Hills, and experimenting with free love and drugs!  Until that fateful day when Alice's experimentation causes her to...  become trapped in a magical world of beautiful memorizing colors and sounds!   A permanent, pain-free wonderland of her own invention.   

"I began to float... up and away from my body.  My 
brain seemed to be held in the grip of a giant vice. 
 My temples were pounding.  Everything around 
me became suddenly unreal, as if in a dream.  I 
was slowly being drawn into the painting and 
powerless to stop myself." 

That's it?  I kept waiting for the horrific turn of events detailing the darkest, most extreme consequences of drug use that never occurred.  I mean, they didn't even mention the 'bad trip'!  I'm sure this film lead at least a few young viewers to experimentation hoping to find their cool circle of starlet friends, pool, and private wonderland. 

"Burn, burning eyes.  So bright, so beautiful.  So hot.  Hot 
eyes. Janis, let me go too!  Please take me. The colors are 
so beautiful.  Beautiful light.... Everything's inside.  Safe 
forever.  No one can come in.  Keep me."


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