Sunday, August 28, 2011

Cleopatra day to evening.

I find this photo so fascinating for two reasons.  First, this is not a completely Cleopatra character look that Elizabeth is sporting, its a merge between the Cleopatra classical style with her real-life 60s era style.  Its almost as if she wanted to quickly walk from the set to her next event, transitioning her character look to the real modern world in order to get ready after work in as little time possible.  She looks so magnetic, so powerful, so perfectly Cleopatra yet without such a historically dated look.  

The second remarkable thing is the clearly visual tracheotomy scar on her neck.  During the making of Cleopatra (1963), Liz was very sick and rumors were swirling that she was very near death.  Production stalled on the movie and many scenes had to be tapered or edited out due to this blow to the main actress and production schedule.  But, rather than covering the scar through posing and lighting, as many entertainers would have during that era, she looks defiant and her chin is ever slightly tipped up, drawing more attention to her neck and her newly acquired scar. 


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