Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bukowski in 1973.

Part 1 of the Taylor Hackford documentary on Charles Bukowski from 1973.
This is a 46 minute version of the film shown on PBS. 
You can watch all 5 parts on Youtube.

I have been fascinated by Bukowski ever since I saw the great contemporary documentary on him called Born into This (2003).  After seeing it I sought out his poetry and put some of his prose is on my reading list.  Aside from his work, the best thing about this man is his incredible voice.   A strange theatrical vagabond, cynical and sarcastic and sensitive and modern... Feminine intonations in his voice but a stone's throw from the underworld like some androgynous seducer to sway you to temptation.  He is like a magical anachronism in these old films because everyone else has that way of speaking that is so bound to their era but his voice is so distinct, speaking from this otherworldly gutter he crawled out of.  

In the film he explores his volatile relationships with women and poetry and drinking buddies and booze.  He gives tours of his old haunts and speaks candidly about life and pain.


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