Sunday, October 30, 2011

Still Film: Return to Oz, Part 3.

As Dorothy makes off with that coveted key, the Queen awakes from her Beauty sleep and all hell breaks loose.  This is where, for the little ones, things get overwhelmingly creepy.  As the Queen slept headless, Dorothy made it all the way back to the cabinet of sleeping beauties and opens the glass door to where the Queen keeps her main head along with the magic 'Powder of Life' and other precious goodies. As Dorothy attempts to lift the powder-- necessary to animate her moose buddy and set him off flying into the night-- the head awakes and flies off the handle.  I remember how jarring it was seeing the heads all awake at that moment, this delicate decapitated beauties screaming in alarm.

Dorothy makes a dash back to the room-- being chased by a very disturbing headless witch in her nightgown-- throws some Powder of Life on a makeshift flying craft (part bed, part Moosehead-- all attached with rope) and sets off out the window.  The Queen is left bitter, hair all alarmingly dishelved, and vows to sick her Wheelers on Dorothy to return that girl and her precious Powder of Life to her.  Dorothy escapes the Wheelers but eventually crashes her aircraft, but not before a glorious falling scene.

Part 4 coming up tomorrow...


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