Thursday, October 6, 2011

Winter beach dreams: Behind the scenes.

On a blustery, decidedly un-beachy day, a friend and I decided to stage a wintery beach photoshoot which I will post in full tomorrow.  We wanted the look to be very grounded in the natural elements but still dreamy and otherworldly, somber but hopeful.  We choose a faux fur vest that look like it was stripped from a wild wolf (bought on a shoestring budget but looks very lux), floppy straw hat found on the street in Buenos Aires, shell and feather jewelry sold by hippies in Copacabana, a periwinkle maxi dress with empire waist and grecian braiding for me (copped at Target years ago for a song), and a pop of color in my pet's bold rouge maxi skirt.  The wind shaped our salty beach hair into carefree waves and we couldn't have hoped for a more lovely, but rather nippy, day frolicking on the sand on our very own deserted beach.


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