Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Beatles' "Help!" (1965) Autumn style.

I really love the Beatles' look throughout 1965's Help! but my favorite is definitely when they are performing the concert in the field.   In this scene, their clothes are very military influenced (the plot called for the Beatles to be under attack, protected by the army from their attackers).  The Beatles definitely continued takes on the military theme through their Shea Stadium performance (complete with Sheriff-like badges), Sgt Pepper, and even later into Lennon's solo career and radical politics phase  where he sported Vietnam war gear.  

Both the war Help! scene and the palace scenes remind me of the cover of Rubber Soul-- lots of thick autumn/winter fabrics like tanned leathers, soft suedes, thick knits, and corduroy everything.  I am a real sucker for corduroy myself, so I can't wait to the fall season when my brightly colored cord pants just perfectly fit into place.  I just love those muddy colors, always anchored by a crisp turtleneck or--- like Ringo-- a boldly colored button down flaunting white buttons.  Chelsea boots are also a weakness of mine.  To this day if I see a guy or girl in Chelsea boots I've got an instant crush... must be all those Beatles movies I consumed as a child.  

Watch the military-esque Fall styling (khaki, khaki, khaki, olive, berets, turtlenecks, khaki) in all its glory in this Help! scene when George sings "I Need You"near Stonehenge, with tanks positioned, awaiting an onslaught by the mystic enemies.  

See stills of the scene via Yahoo Music Blog


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