Sunday, November 6, 2011

John and Yoko in Autumn.

John and Yoko always had insane style.  I love how you can accurately estimate the exact year in which a photo of them was taken, just by the style phase they were in.  Possibly my favorite John and Yoko style period is the late sixties when they went through two phases.  First, John in his Let it Be look-- clean shaven with long hair and granny glasses-- hung out with Yoko in massive fur coats and easy relaxed fit trousers of bold colors.  In the cold months they were also seen sporting massive black matching capes, and there are a few films of them strolling Tittenhurst (John's English estate) in their brilliant Halloween-like gothic get-ups.  By the end of the sixties John and Yoko were in their most iconic style phase with the two wearing almost exclusively black or white ensembles, John with a hefty beard to match his Jesus hair, and Yoko, still with her long witchy hairdo also sheathed in black and white.   They hosted the bed-ins in this phase and were doing the most publicity of their careers during this 'campaign' for peace' period.  As the 70s wore on, they got more into fashion fads dictated by other more influential bands of the decade:  denim get-ups, badge-laden vests, cut-offs, hotpants for Yoko, and slogan tees.  But those pre-New York John and Yoko styles were all their own...when they were inventing new looks from thin air, when the Beatles were on top, Yoko was fresh on the scene, and the British Invasion hadn't quite ended.  


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