Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Christmas Craft How-to from 1949.

Make your own... ummm... Construction paper Xmas tree! 

Its so funny because I found these photos in the Life Magazine archive out of order, with no instruction captions... and Im really not sure at all what order they go in... and I'm pretty sure there are a few steps missing.  But all the more fun!  Here's a fun holiday game:  Have a few glasses of your Eggnog with Bourbon, print out the photos, put them in a pile on the table, and have a contest to see who can make this crafty tree fastest and most identical to the above photo.  Also,  I'm not sure what the guy at the end's role was in this (see: last photo), but he seems either exhausted with the process or disappointed by the result.    Merry Christmas!

October 10, 1949
By Photographer:
Al Fenn


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