Monday, December 5, 2011

Winter holiday party fashions

Cheeky feline helmet by Givenchy

Although the fashion world is always changing, reinventing itself, my ideal holiday wardrobe really does not.   This time of year I am constantly in search of new velvets, sequins get ups, gold accents, capes, heavy stockings, strappy closed toe shoes, oversized buttons, le smokings, and elegant gloves.  I really base my winter look on a dreamy melange of film noir femme fatale characters, 1966-7 fashions, vintage Xmas decor, The film Bell, Book, and Candle and other idealized wicca wardrobe, 1930s cocktail wear,  and 1920s menswear.  I favor dense heavy fabrics, cozy knits,  faux fur, and shimmery metallic accents.  

So, it certainly wouldn't be the Christmas/New Years party season without a deep velvety piece for sultry air of mystery, something sheer or finely netted for flirtation, something furry for warmth, and something bejeweled for dreamy good fortune.  

Dotted mysterious velvet cape by Marc Jacobs

Billowy velvet by Stella McCartney

Sleek, feline velvet siluette by Stella McCartney

Sexy velvet heels by Emilio Pucci.

Velvet Le Smoking with fur collar for a masculine polish by Ralph Lauren


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