Tuesday, January 24, 2012

By the sea.

Its gorgeous and warm here.   I find myself by the expansive shorelines of Brazil, yet all I can think about is going back home, sitting in a drafty little room, and literally getting back to the drawing board.   I've been living overseas, miles from anywhere bearing semblance of home,  finding myself in the most beautiful locales, working odd jobs-- some art related, some not; some for pay... or not.   Being tossed from wave to wave around the world, floating and never settling, like bottle on the sea... sounds lovely, but it hasn't been as relaxing as I figured.  

'Success is a series of small acts repeated everyday'. I roll that over in my mind from time to time.

When you look at your massive to-do list, when you're focused on the big picture of it all, filled with details and nuances, each twist and turn fashioning my brain in knots, its important to remember the creation process is really just a series of small acts enacted to infinity.  Small bites will finish the pie.  And even harder still to believe is that the ends are in the means.

2011 brought some amazing sights, discoveries, and a chance for me to hone my aesthetic.   And now, all I can think about is creating my collection and the impending move-out doom come April.  2012 will be filled with tedious in-transition limbo, but everything will be building toward the launch of a collection and shop I am tentatively planning for November.  Art and accessories, zines, small clothing items, etc.  Thats the plan, and I'll be documenting it, hopefully, coming to fruition over the course of this year-- with major stalls in between.  There's no telling the many set-backs that can pause a project, so I am letting the current take me where it may.


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