Friday, January 27, 2012

Dreamy recollections and the delusions of hunger.

"Negotiating the thick psychedelic atmosphere of St. Mark's Place, I was not prepared for the revolution under way.  There was an air of vague and unsettling paranoia, an undercurrent of rumors, snatched fragments of conversation anticipating future revolution.  I just sat there trying to figure it all out, the air thick with smoke, which may account for my dreamy recollections.  I clawed through a thick web of the culture's consciousness that I hadn't known existed.     

I had lived in the world of my books, most of them written in the nineteenth century. Though I was prepared to sleep on benches, in subways and graveyards, until I got work, I was not ready for the constant hunger that gnawed at me. I was a skinny thing with a high metabolism and a strong appetite. Romanticism could not quench my need for food. Even Baudelaire had to eat. His letters contained many a desperate cry for want of meat and porter."

Excerpt from Just Kids by Patti Smith.
Image source unknown.


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