Thursday, January 26, 2012

How to make Patti Smith cry...

Dancing Barefoot written by Patti Smith
performance by First Aid Kit

This really kills me.  Its too beautiful.   

At a 2011 European award show, celebrating the creative genius of Patti Smith, Swedish sister duo First Aid Kit wove their usual hypnotic, intertwining harmonies over Smith's gorgeous tribute to her late husband Fred 'Sonic' Smith of MC5.  The song, so visceral, so magical, is one of my favorite Patti numbers, and was originally released as a single and recorded on her 1979 album Wave.  The crowned 'godmother of punk' undoubtedly got a little choked up over First Aid Kit's rendition, the lyrics poignantly describing her love affair with Fred and the mysteries of life and love and death.  

"she is re-creation
she, intoxicated by thee
she has the slow sensation that
he is levitating with she ...

here I go and I don't know why,
I spin so ceaselessly,
'til I lose my sense of gravity...

I'm dancing barefoot
heading for a spin
some strange music draws me in
makes me come on like some heroine

(oh god I fell for you ...)

the plot of our life sweats in the dark like a face
the mystery of childbirth, of childhood itself
grave visitations
what is it that calls to us?
why must we pray screaming?
why must not death be redefined?
we shut our eyes we stretch out our arms
and whirl on a pane of glass
an affixation a fix on anything the line of life the limb of a tree
the hands of he and the promise that s/he is blessed among women.

(oh god I fell for you ...)"


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