Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Memory is the joker in the deck.

Patti Smith, posing with a Bob Dylan Magazine cover by photographer Judy Linn

"When I look at the pictures and hear the songs I also see and hear the story behind them.  A still photograph morphs into a home movie and a scrawl on a page evokes a scene in a room or on a street.  I hear a laugh coming from somewhere off to the side....

It has taken me many years to allow my parallel lives to converge.  But there will always be a space between the image and the reality because ghosts live there and they cannot be contained under glass.

Over time I have learned to be more at ease with the holy fascination people have with Bob Dylan.  A song, a poem, a book, a film, an exhibit are simply representations of a period, a place, a person.  And because memory is the joker in the deck I try not to take the representations of the past too seriously.  Life goes on for those who live it in the present.  Nostalgia, cheap or otherwise, is always costly."

--Suze Rotolo 
"A Freewheelin' Time:
A Memoir of Greenwich Village in the Sixties"  


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