Saturday, February 18, 2012

Never let me go.

"Hold me" by Judy Bridgewater

One of the few possessions this poor orphan girl could scrounge up from a scattering of rummage sale wares is a beat up old tape by a long forgotten singer named Judy Bridgewater and her ghostly backing vocal girl group.  She listened to the tape endlessly until her death, yearning for the orphan boy next door.

When I saw the 2010 movie Never Let Me Go, I was so floored by the title song by fictional singer Judy Bridgewater on her intriguing album Songs After Dark, and her Julie London send-up sound, because it is one of the most authentic 50s period recreations made in modern times.  It reminds me of Julee Cruise's 50s-esque songs giving Twin Peaks the signature haunting sound.  What's with "Julie/Judy/Julee"s and amazing haunting 50s music??  If you haven't seen the film I recommend it.... Although there is always an on-going debate about book vs film.


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