Saturday, April 21, 2012

Art: Marlo Pascual.

Via  Booooom!

Sorry for the posting delay of late.  I got lost in the maze of life, but I've found my way back to you.  I've found nothing says forget me not like a sharing some good art, so voila: here are some photos of Marlo Pascual's work, which I have recently discovered.  

Pascual uses found objects, such as these vintage photos, to create sculptures and installations that I find in the same vein as Claire Pestaille and John Stezaker, highlighting subtlety surreal, ironic, oddly beautiful, distantly glamourous, plastic, and sad tones in vintage photographs.  I love the candles' flame focused on the starlets' gaze and would love to mimic this at home.  Imagine plastering a blown up starlet's portrait in a corridor or entryway and fixing candle holders to the wall so the flame burns like so over her eyes.   It would be so magical in the evening and maybe a little too haunting late, late at night.


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