Monday, March 26, 2012

Black cat auditions.

Pure gold.

I stumbled across this kooky collection characters showing off their kitties photographed by Ralph Crane on assignment for Life Magazine in 1961, covering black cat auditions in Hollywood.  The description didn't state which movie or TV show the black cat role was for, but the number of witchy 60s films that used black cats could be the culprit.

There are so many spectacularly niche jobs people fall into, that you never hear or think about, and I think movie set cat trainer is certainly one of them.  I love seeing the line of cat owners and trainers, some clearly in the movie business, with as much star pizzazz as the cat they are auditioning, donning pipes, fur hats, and other ostentatious accoutrement.   Others looked like innocent, down-to-earth, homemaking cat lovers that just can't believe their beloved house cat wouldn't be the most special kitty around town.   Most of the cats, on the other hand, look annoyed, beleaguered, and bored... which I think is what makes cats appear so cooler-than-thou anyway.


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