Friday, March 16, 2012

Rebel in red.

James Dean & Natalie Wood

Behind the scenes filming from Rebel without a Cause

Oh, that red jacket....

We should all have our own 'red jacket', sentimental, personal, signature, wear-it-constantly, striking clothing item in our wardrobe to mark each style era of our life.  Your own iconic branding.  Maybe its threadbare and stained.  That one thing people picture you in when they think of you.  That one piece that people want to remember you by, to hug, to smell, to secret away in a drawer and take out occasionally after you're long gone out of their lives.   

James' famous red jacket was purchased from Mattson's department store on Hollywood Blvd. To cash in on the jacket craze after Rebel came out, and James died, the store hiked it up to a then exorbitant $22.95. Warner Bros. actually had two of them for filming. Jimmy gave one to his friend, composer Leonard Rosenman, who wore it until it fell apart.  Rebel without a Cause was released just a month after Dean's death.   One legend has that Dean was wearing the other red jacket when he died in the car crash.  No one knows its exact whereabouts today.


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