Thursday, April 26, 2012


Mrs Edward Mayer as Medusa

Lady Bridgett Poulett as Arethusa

Lady Milbanke as Penthelisa, Queen of the Amazons

Lady Michael Balcon as Minerva

Baroness Gagern as Europa

Mrs Richard Hart-Davis as Ariel

Mrs Anthony Eden as Clio, the Muse of History

Dorothy, Duchess of Welington as Hecate

I am crazy for these portraits by pioneer English photographer Yevonde Cumbers Middleton (1893-1975), also known as Madame Yevonde.   Through her work, especially series like this one that are emblematic of her 1930s career peak, she made color portraiture respectable in the photography world.  Inspired by surrealists like Man Ray, she used dream imagery and humor in her portrait scenes.   This series of photos, taken at one of Yevonde's society affair Greek-themed parties in 1935, shows the glamourous party guests in full goddess regalia placed in different fantastical backdrops. 


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