Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Visions of Johanna.

A ghost story recollection from Joan Baez's time at Dylan's home in Woodstock  :

"Oh I think of the time at Woodstock.  That was one of the nicest times we ever had.  We were all staying out at that ugh, Bearsville, the house, the big haunted house.  Just gave me the fuckin' willies.  People talking... Well, I had nightmares.  You know, when you're in a place and you wish you weren't there... And it happened that night.  The next morning, Dick Fariña, who was always into that kind of thing, he was staying there.  Mimi, Dick, and Bobby and I, and I guess a bunch of other people around the house.  And in the monring I looked like hell.  I was just all green.  I just passed through the house all night long in my dreams, and Dick, suspicious, said, "Did you have bad dreams?" and I said, "Yeah," and he said, "This house, isn't it?"  And he wnet into the long great history of the house and how it used to have these pictures in the halls.  I had dreamed about axes, I had dreams about people chopping up people all night, and Bobby--you couldn't get anything out of Bobby.  When Bobby was out he was completely out, and I didnt' want to wake him.  I didnta want to scare him by telling him his house was haunted anyway.  And the next day, Bobby and I went on a motorcycle ride.  I can't remember who was driving.  I think he was driving.  I had dreamed about axes all night long.  We talked about axes al morning long.  We came to this fork in the road, and there was an axe lying there in the middle of the road.  I was terrified.  God, it was one of those dreams where it hangs over you the whole next day."  
-From "Bob Dylan" by Anthony Scaduto, 1972

Photo credited to Joanne Warfield.  Inscription on back of photo:  “Me [unknown], Joan [Baez], John Lennon & Ira [Sandperl] at Beatles’ pad in Hollywood Hills. Aug. ’65.”


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