Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Autumn Americana.

I had so many magical moments traveling Latin America, Africa, and South East Asia the past five years, though I notice that people generally glamorize the idea of tropical countries.   The geography was stunning, the cultures are beautiful, but the transition to living in developing countries wasn't easy, nor glamorous, and after a year or two there were so many simple things about America that I began missing... One of those being the magic of fall.  Tropical climates don't experience the crimson and gold magic of autumn in the US and few countries in the world have the bright fall foliage of New England.  

...The colors, the flavors, the fabrics, the cozy holidays, the warm starchy root vegetables, the trappings of comfort like blazing fire places and draping the cold, wet garments of the day over a heater...

After five years away, all I could think about was winter and fall.  Now that I'm back I am bathing in pumpkin flavored everythings and crunching through dead fallen leaves and instagram-ing it all.

I think the overwhelming nostalgia I have for America is what has made me become so obsessed with listening to folk and roots country music and obsessing over the icons of the era.  Those sun glazed, independent heros of American music like Gram Parsons & Emmylou Harris, Dylan, Mimi and Richard Farina, and even albums by overseas icons deftly capturing nostalgic Americana, ie George Harrison's All Things Must Pass.  The music conjures images of amber fields of grain and battered leather.

You can see by these photos I'm also obsessed with these pointy yellow flats.  When I was about 14, back in the mid 90s  and in the midst of my Beatles obsession,  I saw this picture of my icon Patti Boyd wearing them in full psychedelic glory and I felt my wardrobe would never be complete until I copped a pair.  I finally found my sole-mates (sorry bad pun!) in a shop recently and feel that full circle feeling.  

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Sara said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I just love all these autumnal pictures, and I looove All Things Must Pass... haven't listened to it in awhile; I think that needs to be remedied when I'm back at home this evening. :) One of the best records to just put on and let play from start to finish - and then start all over again upon its ending!

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